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On the 4th of April an email was received from the MPAA and on the 20th I received a mail from BREIN. Both claim that this tracker is primarily used for the sharing of copyrighted material but offering insufficient evidence. And have requested that I shutdown and have threatened with a lawsuit. I am currently in contact with them to resolve the issue. I guess we now know where the downtime came from. Updates will follow.

WoW It seems that I have been running a Bittorrent tracker for more than 10 years. The oldest torrent I managed to find was from 19-01-2005. A fitting moment to stop the legacy TCP support, saving CPU and bandwidth.




The scrape address for the tracker is (updated every 15min):
http://scrape.leechers-paradise.org/static_scrape or

If you wish to contact me for any reason you can do so by using the email adres below

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